Hello! Welcome to TK Design!

My name is Teddy Devlin, and I'm a Florida based interior designer and mother of two.

I started my interior architecture and design journey by attending The Art Institute of Dallas, where I received a Bachelor Degree of Fine Art in Interior Design.

I was lucky to train under and work alongside the fabulous residential designer, Tracy Hardenburg, where I learned the ins-and-outs of design and assisted on many luxury projects over the years.

After some time I transitioned to B2 Architecture, a multi-family design firm. At B2 I was able to hone in on the structural aspects of design and budgeting. Here I assisted lead Architect, Chloe Geurnsey.

With all of the knowledge and experience I absorbed from these phenomenal women, and a new baby in my life, I felt ready to step into my own. In 2018 I founded TK Design.

Now settled into our new home of Santa Rosa Beach, TK Design is taking root. This profession and the ability to help my clients create cohesive and authentic environments, truly brings me an abundance of joy.

Through my eyes, interior design is exciting, positive, imaginative, and fulfilling (the list goes on). While it might be the career I’ve chosen for myself, it is also a love I can’t live without!

I appreciate you taking time to learn a bit more about me and my design philosophy, and look forward to connecting in real-time!

Teddy Devlin

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